Episode 22: Keeping us safe from asbestos, lead, & everything else! w/ Adam Weltz

A great conversation with Adam Weltz, President and CEO of Criterion Labs.  This is a fascinating story about the founding of a business, that business’s passing from father to son, and the entrepreneurial realities & challenges that often go underappreciated.

Our host, Jared Wall, learns a great deal about what goes into managing the ubiquitous presence of health & safety hazards such as asbestos & lead that are often found in older buildings.  Thanks to the work of Adam and his team, parents of the Philadelphia School District can rest assured that the dangerous materials surrounding their children is meticulously monitored for potential problems.

Criterion Labs: https://www.criterionlabs.com/
Adam Weltz on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-weltz-75240626/

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