Southpoint Solutions was founded in 2003 as experts in both energy efficient lighting and energy management. Our mission is to help our clients understand and manage what they spend on energy, decrease their operating expenses, improve work environments, and meet environmental objectives. We pride ourselves on converting energy waste into positive cash flow through our customized turnkey lighting solutions. We use the most proven and best-in-class technology from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our goal is to educate you on how to evaluate the benefits of an LED lighting project so that you can make the right decision for your business!

To emphasize our commitment to this goal, we urge you to allow a no risk test of our products in your facility before you contract with us. That way you can evaluate both their performance and energy savings in your environment.

Who We Serve


Purchasing an automobile is a visual experience. By utilizing customized optics to increase front-row visibility, your dealership will stand out from the competition. A 3D rendering of the lighting design will allow you to see your dealerships’ bright future.


Energy is often the largest operational expense in an industrial facility. Specific manufacturing processes require specific light levels. We design each system to achieve the required light level while maximizing the energy savings. Our systems are designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership.


In today’s competitive commercial real estate market, lowering the operating cost per square foot ensures profitability for both tenant and landlord. Our decades of experience allow us to develop lighting projects that meet the needs of our diverse commercial clients.


Shopping center owners and property managers have unique objectives related to exterior lighting projects. We understand how lighting impacts safety, security, operating cost, maintenance cost, and ultimately the bottom line.

Duke Energy Smart Saver Trade Ally logo
We are a Trade Ally of Duke Energy’s Smart $aver® Business Program. That means our LED lighting projects are designed to help maximize both your energy savings and your return on investment. Even better, our projects are completely turnkey, from design to rebates and tax incentives (if you qualify).

We handle it all for you.

Recent Projects

View our video case study library of a few of our projects. Let us know how we can help improve your lighting application.

Energy Efficiency Without Compromise

Lowering your company’s energy costs doesn’t mean compromising light levels.

Rapid Paybacks

Sustantial energy savings that maximize project ROI.

Project Incentives

With Southpoint Solutions’ expertise we maximize your available utility rebates and tax incentives.

Smart Lighting

Intelligently designed control systems produce the right amount of light where you need it and when you need it.

No Capital Required

Financing options allow you to lease the technology, pay your reduced energy bill, and still put money in your pocket.

Our Satisfied Clients