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Alfredo Acosta - Plant Manager - CHEP

We were looking to upgrade the lighting at our facility and incorporate a more automated system for added energy savings. The products that Southpoint Solutions used look great and provide the light levels required as promised! The installation team was exceptional, they adhered to all safety policies and procedures while ensuring good housekeeping in the areas they were working in. Southpoint assured my team that there would be minimal interference with production, and they did just that! Everyone from site employees to visitors have commented on how great the site looks! We’ll be continuing to use Southpoint Solutions and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to do an LED lighting upgrade!


Alfredo Acosta
Plant Manager – CHEP

Coleman Smith - Production Manager - HarperLove

I have worked with Southpoint Solutions on two projects now and would highly recommend them to any company looking to do an energy efficiency project! Having worked with Southpoint on a lighting project in the past, I believed this recent opportunity was one where all parties would benefit. Our main objective for this project was to provide adequate lighting in areas where lighting did not exist while also providing cost savings. The service was excellent and the products that were installed have proven themselves so far! Southpoint always maintains great standards, are very professional, and always provide quality work. Our employees are surprised at how big of a difference the lighting has made to the workplace and many have mentioned how grateful they are!


Coleman Smith
Production Manager – HarperLove

Marc Ray - Technical Laboratory Manager - PBI Performance Products Inc.

PBI Performance Products reached out to Southpoint Solutions seeking assistance to enhance dimly lit work areas within our warehouse and sample preparations areas at our Charlotte N.C. facility. Within these areas, the current fluorescent lighting fixtures were continuously failing, resulting in potentially unsafe work areas due to poor lighting conditions.

Southpoint Solutions’ Chris Johnson conducted an in-depth light assessment of each area in question, mapped each area for type of lighting needed, and provided a detailed presentation highlighting the benefits of LED lighting. As requested, Chris prepared three separate proposals to address the project as a single expenditure and as a 2-3 phased replacement program. Each proposal provided detailed cost analysis and potential cost saving estimates based on current power usage. Future lighting maintenance costs should be minimal as each LED fixture comes warranted for ten years. Based on Southpoint’s comprehensive presentation, PBI opted to install the new lighting system as a single project. Additionally, Southpoint coordinated with our electrical service provider to apply for any rebate offers PBI would potentially qualify for with installation of the energy efficient LED fixtures.

Sample materials typically in use within the PBI Technical group are subject to discoloration over time due to prolonged ultra-violet light. Transferring to the LED lighting system resulted in an added benefit to PBI as the LED system eliminated the UV emission produced from the fluorescent lighting. To improve efficiency, Southpoint installed motion activated sensors with installation of the new LED lights, providing an additional electrical cost savings by operating the lighting as occupied vs. continuous lighting for 12-15 hours per daily operations. Installation of the motion-activated lighting further eliminated any potential of safety issues of employees walking through dark warehouse areas to locate lighting wall switches.

Installation of the lighting system was very efficient with minimum to no interruption to our operations. The entire installation process for our multiple areas of installation was less than two days. To date, employee response to the lighting project has been extremely positive.  Based on our experience with Southpoint Solutions, their expertise, customer support, and product line offering are exceptional. As a result of our experience, PBI has already undertaken a second lighting project for 2020 with Southpoint.

I would highly recommend consulting Southpoint Solutions for any lighting project under consideration. Thank you very much for your valued service.

Best Regards,

Marc Ray
Technical Laboratory Manager – PBI Performance Products Inc. 

Mark Chateauneuf - Director of Manufacturing - Sealed Air

We highly recommend Southpoint Solutions! Sealed Air has a strong push for sustainability and cost savings, so our main objective for doing this lighting project was to achieve both. The team at Southpoint Solutions was very professional and easy to work with! The project was done in a timely manner while coordinating their work schedule to minimize interruptions in our facility. We’re already receiving feedback from our employees about how much better the lighting is.


Mark Chateauneuf
Director of Manufacturing – Sealed Air Corporation

Steve Lloyd - Owner - Lloyd's Properties Inc.

I am the owner of Lloyds Convenience Stores in South Carolina. I’ve purchased LED fixtures for the gas pump canopies at my stores twice over the past couple years. I want to contrast the two experiences.

Two years ago, I purchased the original LED canopy fixtures. I will not name the person or company I was working with, but he basically told me what fixture I needed and assured me that it was the best LED canopy fixture available. There was no education or consultation. He just told me what I needed. I don’t have any experience in LEDs and just kind of assumed all LEDs were the same. I paid a premium price for them because I thought I was getting the best fixture available.

The fixtures started failing almost as soon as they were installed. Some failed completely, and others had some of the LEDs stop working. The problems progressively got worse until I had less than half of the fixtures working. My stores were very dark and did not look good. It’s hard to say how much business I lost because of this, but I have no doubt that I lost significant business.

Although that was bad enough, even worse was the lack of service. The person I worked with would not return my calls or respond to my emails. He did not offer any help in trying to get the failures covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Despite the frustration, I knew I had to do something. I was introduced to Chris Johnson, an Energy Consultant, with Southpoint Solutions.  His approach was entirely different. He spent a lot of time talking to me and educating me on LED technology and what to look for in evaluating LED options. I learned that not all LED products are created equal, and that in fact there are vast differences in quality amongst products. Unfortunately, the LED canopy fixtures on my original project are on the low end of the quality scale, despite being told the opposite, and despite being charged a very high price for them. Chris even informed me that the original fixtures are available on the Internet.

I was ready to purchase new LED canopy fixtures from Chris. However, he essentially refused to sell them to me until he installed, at his expense, one of the fixtures he was considering to make sure it looked good, provided enough light, and that I liked it. The fixture looked great, so I proceeded with the entire project in August 2018. Southpoint Solutions installed the new fixtures in a short time frame and with minimal impact on my operations.

I’ve already received several positive comments from customers. My properties now look fantastic. My foot candle readings now average in the mid-40s, whereas before the project they averaged 12.

Chris and Southpoint Solutions stand behind their products, and in fact part of their service is that they will administer the manufacturer’s warranties for me if I should ever have a problem with a fixture. This is the kind of service and peace of mind that really adds value.

I just wish I had known about Southpoint Solutions the first time around. It’s no fun to have to buy LED fixtures twice in a two-year period, but I’m confident I have the right solution now. Chris, Southpoint Solutions, and their entire team have been extremely professional and responsive throughout this process. I would recommend them to anyone!


Steve Lloyd
Owner – Lloyd’s Properties Inc.

Drew Sadowski - Chief Operating Officer - Ferncroft Capital

I’ve worked with several other lighting efficient groups in the past. Unlike these other groups, Southpoint Solutions has proven capability to not only design and install quality products, but they also stand behind their work with full warranty support. For our most recent project, we needed to improve the interior lighting levels at a location to satisfy our tenant’s needs. Without having a specific foot-candle requirement from the tenant Southpoint was able to design and install a cost-effective and viable solution for us and the tenant. Southpoint has always exceeded our expectations on multiple projects. I would recommend them to any of our affiliates or industry partners for interior and exterior lighting needs!


Drew Sadowski
Chief Operating Officer – Ferncroft Capital

Raouf Shokery - Director of Operations – GEODIS

We needed to upgrade our existing lighting system that was outdated. All of the fixtures were very old and many of them didn’t work. We reached out to Southpoint Solutions to help us with our lighting project. One of our main goals was to complete this project with the most cost-effective products so that we could stay within our budget. Southpoint Solutions provided the best solution for our needs that was right in line with our budget.

During the project, they encountered some unexpected [electrical] issues that were handled with no problem while also not effecting the original quote. The products that they installed were top notch and have made a huge difference in our facility. The lighting system has definitely improved the working environment [and] our employees have given us so much positive feedback on how big of a difference the lighting has made.

Based on our experience, we would recommend Southpoint Solutions to any other business looking to upgrade their outdated lighting in their facility!


Raouf Shokery
Director of Operations – GEODIS

Craig Mock - Owner – Mock Tire

The tire shop and warehouse were in need of a few new lighting fixtures. The timing was right to update the lighting in the building. The price and quality of the product from Southpoint Solutions was very good. When working on a vehicle it is essential to have the best light possible. My employees are very pleased with the upgrade. The install was fast and completed with practically no disruption in our daily routine. The technicians and support staff were easy to work with. I would recommend Southpoint Solutions to others.


Craig Mock
Owner – Mock Tire

Jim Carino - Vice President, Operations – North American Rescue, LLC

I am pleased to provide a positive reference on behalf of Southpoint Solutions (SPS) personnel and products that they install for energy saving LED lighting applications. I first became acquainted with SPS by attending a seminar sponsored by our local SC Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and [SPS’s] representative, Mr. Tim Keene, was a presenter for LED lighting solutions, which was held in 2015. That was my educational involvement seeking a more cost-effective solution to replace a large number of mercury vapor lights within our warehouse facility and the large number of inefficient fluorescent lamps within our office areas. Since then I have been involved in a half dozen of lighting projects in several buildings. Mr. Keene has continued through these years to be a reliable resource and I have appreciated his patience and solid guidance and advice per each of the applications I have been involved with.

Today, I will focus on the most recent project involving the formal replacement of 140+ mercury vapor lights (400W) with LED High bay [fixtures] ranging from (88-160W). The main objectives included: to lower energy costs and improve lighting conditions, which has been achieved and exceeding expectations. Prior to now I did not fully realize how much of lighting degrade that was incurred with mercury vapor lights versus our new LED’s. The “instant on” and the ability to use “motion detection sensors” as activation to light only the area(s) of the warehouse that need lighting, only when it is needed, seems a luxury. The warehouse area being discussed approximates 65,000ft2, and before in our lighting application we were mostly ‘all on’ or ‘all off,’ which certainly was a waste of energy and more costly than desired.

The impact and appreciation of our employees was immediate after the LED [fixture] installation and has yielded a morale improvement.  In full disclosure: during this project we also ‘moved’ the location of the (rows of) overhead fixture locations to be more centered between our warehouse racks of product; but the quality and consistent higher level of lighting is noticeable and greatly appreciated.

This project of the referenced 6 has been under consideration since 2015 but was delayed due to other higher priority capital projects and the company undergoing a formal sales process to a new owner, which was finalized in 2019. During these years of anticipation, we invited a number of vendors to participate in an evaluation process, i.e. four other business concerns accepted the opportunity to install a fixture and allow our employees to evaluate their system for a number of months. Independent evaluation by a number of colleagues consistently preferred the SPS fixture and the quality of lighting produced. After the company sale acquisition was final, a near-immediate project involving a 10,000ft2 office expansion (in what was formerly warehouse space) was commenced and approval given to include an upgrade to LED lighting for the warehouse. Although the total project is slated for completion by 1 July, the warehouse lighting portion is complete.

SPS Director of Business Development Mr. Trebor Davis was key to providing proposals and ultimate layout guidance and gets the credit for ultimately closing the deal. Trebor was great to work with as he was courteous, timely and very knowledgeable in these kinds of applications. Kudos also go to the installation manager [Mike Cataldo] on the project, as he and his crew exceeded expectations for their attitude, courtesy, and professionalism of a level that I have not experienced in my 40+ years working career.

In closing, the SPS personnel, products and outstanding services provided have been very much appreciated. The quality of the lighting is amazing, and although sufficient time since installation is too short to have completed a financial analysis comparison, I’m confident the numbers will prove to be true as advertised, especially since we’ve replaced a 400W system with essentially a 160W system.

Based upon my experience with SPS I am pleased to provide a very strong recommendation for any such lighting project that may be under consideration. I have already shared same with another business partner who is now appreciating a new SPS system in their warehouse application.


James E. Carino
Vice President, Operations – North American Rescue, LLC

Joe Kloeker - Director of Facilities - Ralph Lauren Corporation

My experience with Southpoint over the last 10 years has definitely been positive.

The main objectives of all the projects at Ralph Lauren done with Southpoint has been to reduce energy consumption, improve lighting levels and lighting quality. Sustainability driven more than ROI driven initially. All the projects have… met the goals.

The employees working [in] the project areas have always commented positively on the improvement each project… delivers.

In addition to the sustainability drivers mentioned above, … projects were [also] driven by reductions in maintenance and improvements in reliability. We have areas that are very difficult to access to service the lighting. So, working with Southpoint to convert the light fixtures to LED reduced the need to access these hard to reach areas frequently and maintains reliable lighting levels for our employees to be safely working in the areas.

Southpoint has always gone the extra mile to check and double check the design and has been proactive in presenting different cost options for us to choose from.

Southpoint also stands behind the products they sell. We knowingly purchased serial number one of a [manufacturing] lighting control system in partnership with them for a new facility we were opening and upgrading the lighting. Over time the system proved to have a few “bugs” in it. [The control system never] left us in the dark but [it] had annoying bugs. Even though the warranty period was past Southpoint came to us and asked to replace the system, at no cost to us, to make it right. And they did!

Southpoint has always delivered reliable products and service at [a] fair price. They stand behind the products and service they provide.

Based on my close to ten years of experience of working with Southpoint Solutions I do recommend others use them for their lighting projects.

Thank you,

Joe Kloeker
Director of Facilities – Ralph Lauren Corporation

Scott Cozzali - Director of Construction – Big V Properties

Our main objective was to increase clarity of the parking lot at the drives, facades, rear parking lot, and entrances. Sometimes we’re stuck with light poles that aren’t in the best locations so Southpoint Solutions will utilize their photometrics tool to help identify the correct product that will increase the light levels throughout the parking lots. We are always looking to upgrade our [shopping centers] for our portfolio, current tenants, prospected tenants and most of all the security for everyone shopping in the center. LED lighting is cost-effective, saves us energy and produces a much even and cleaner light distribution throughout. Our entire company is excited about our LED lighting upgrades to the shopping centers.

We try to upgrade every shopping center we purchase instantly to LED because of the benefits! The LED products that Southpoint Solutions has been installing are awesome and so far, maintenance free which is a plus on limiting our service call bills. If and when we have a service issue, Southpoint has responded immediately to make the quick repairs. Big V Properties has done numerous projects with Southpoint Solutions and the performance gets better each time. Southpoint Solutions has been a great partnership from the early stages of budgeting, photometric design, bidding and installing the projects.

Southpoint Solutions has continually impressed us upfront, on bid day and when we get the lights turned on.


Scott Cozzali
Director of Construction – Big V Properties

Jim Street - VP & General Manager – Greenwood Mop & Broom

At Greenwood Mop & Broom, our main objectives in exploring and implementing the lighting project were to reduce energy consumption, reduce costs and provide better lighting for employees in the production area creating a safer work environment and an increase in employee morale. Most employees commented on the improvement in the lighting in the production areas. Vendors who visited also immediately noticed the significant improvement in illumination. Our utility costs also decreased as projected by the sales and technical representatives.

We had several conversations with companies who made proposals for this project. In our opinion, none were as comprehensive, straight forward and professionally presented as was the presentation from Trebor Davis and Southpoint Solutions staff. While I am sure our installation was not Southpoint’s largest project, in our opinion to plan the transition to new lighting in a 465,000 square foot facility without interrupting production was a large undertaking. The installation was seamless. Southpoint presented their plan in detail before implementing the project, outlined and assisted with funding options, followed the plan as presented and kept us informed throughout the process. I can truly say we were impressed by the professionalism and proactive approach to customer service. We were also pleased when the project was complete that the installers did not leave any discarded items. And Trebor followed up with us several times after completion to make sure all was well.

Southpoint did an outstanding job throughout the process. We’ve had no complaints!

Thank You,

Jim Street
VP & General Manager – Greenwood Mop & Broom

Mark McDonald - General Manager - Carolina Fluid Components, LLC

Southpoint Solutions was very responsive, moved quickly and wasn’t disruptive to our business operations which is only one reason why we enjoyed working with them on this project. The biggest factor we liked about working with Southpoint Solutions was that their proposal was extremely easy to read and understand. It may seem like a small thing but when you can clearly see the energy savings and what the outcome will look like, it was an easy decision for us.

Thank You,

Mark McDonald
General Manager – Carolina Fluid Components, LLC

Dwayne McCloud - Facility Manager - Sysco

Sysco has goals for each facility to become energy efficient and this project offered one of the best ways for us to meet these goals. It also helped that the project included a rebate offered by the local utility company SCE&G.


Dwayne McCloud
Facility Manager – Sysco

Matt Anglemyer - VP of Sales & Operations - Wells Hosiery

Wells Hosiery and Apparel was looking to save energy and add light to the sewing floor to create less shadowing so the employees would be able to work more efficiently. We were able to achieve this through our recent project with Southpoint Solutions!


Matt Anglemyer
VP of Sales & Operations – Wells Hosiery

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