Why Southpoint?

Since 2003 Southpoint Solutions has focused on developing custom engineered lighting solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Our vast experience and diverse product offerings enable our projects to provide more energy savings and a better return on investment compared to a typical lighting project.

See why over 3,000 facilities have chosen Southpoint Solutions over our competitors.

Experts in Lighting and Energy

We are experts in both lighting and energy. This is what truly separates us from everyone else. Our focus is to provide the correct amount of light for our client’s operations while using the least amount of energy, since energy costs money. This is why we ask our clients for their utility bills. We want to analyze them and understand how they use energy and what they spend for it. Like everything in your supply chain necessary for your operations, lighting must be managed. We’re here to help you develop strategies to minimize your lighting-related energy spend.

Energy Savings Guarantee

Our detailed process and expertise in both lighting and energy allows us to do something virtually no other company does – guarantee in writing the energy savings your project will deliver. You can feel confident that your project will meet or exceed the financial returns calculated in our project proposals.

Amount We Have Saved Our Customers

Supplier Agnostic

Our primary objective is to provide the optimal solutions that will allow our clients to meet their lighting, energy conservation, and financial goals. Based on this consultative approach, we have steadfastly remained supplier agnostic. LED technology is constantly evolving and improving, and only by maintaining this independence can we ensure that the right solution is specified for each of our client’s applications.

Rebate Experts

We have partnered with utility companies across the country. We investigate the availability of any rebates, and then work directly with the utility on your behalf to secure any available rebates. This is often a lengthy and complex process, but we’ve been doing this for so long that we have become proficient in the process. We’re particularly proud to have received several awards from Duke Energy in recent years under its Trade Ally program.

Amount Of Rebates We Have Obtained For Our Customers

Measurement and Verification

We understand that words and numbers on paper are just that: words and numbers on paper. They may or may not be correct. This is why we strongly urge our clients to allow Southpoint to install a trial of the recommended LED solutions in their facility before they make a final decision. This allows measurement and verification to be done and is the best way to confirm that the solution provides enough light while using the minimum amount of energy.

Warranty Management

Long after project completion, Southpoint Solutions is still here for you. All products we recommend feature industry leading warranties and undergo continuous field testing by our team. Should something go wrong, simply contact us and we manage your warranty claim for you at no charge.

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