Lighting as a Service (Laas)

Learn a simple approach to converting your business to energy-efficient lighting technology without the complication of budget constraints.

Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is an emerging and evolving service delivery model in which the owner pays for light rather than the equipment that delivers it. The owner buys new lighting on a subscription basis over a multi-year term rather than a significant one-time capital investment. This allows the lighting upgrade to be accounted as an operating expense and paid for as a monthly fee that in turn is ideally less than the energy cost savings, generating instant positive cash flow. 


How is Lighting as a Service (LaaS) different than other procurement methods?


Capital Expenditure

This requires that the lighting expense is paid for upfront. You have complete ownership over the lighting system. Any future service or maintenance beyond the initial manufacturer’s product warranty is up to you to manage.
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Loan or Lease Agreement

Reduces the initial upfront expense of new lighting, but it is still considered a capital expense. Besides the interest over the time of the loan, you’re responsible for ongoing service and maintenance beyond the initial manufacturer’s product warranty.


A monthly subscription that divides the cost of the lighting, installation, and ongoing maintenance over the term of the agreement.

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